Tadia Rice

As a memorable and motivating author and performer Tadia Rice imparts the wisdom of Hawaii’s Golden Rule called the ”Spirit of Aloha.” She helps audiences understand the deeper meaning and greater scope of the meaning of Aloha, and how it can empower each person to increase self-mastery and mental discipline for more effective leadership, improved organizational development, expanded proactive management, and stronger teams. Practiced for thousands of years by the earliest people of the Hawaiian Islands, the aloha spirit was the working philosophy of over a million native Hawaiians who lived sustainable lives on a few islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Tadia’s unique “out of the box” approach has engaged audiences with music and multi-media that enhances emotional, social, and cultural intelligence. With an extensive corporate and media background, Tadia addresses Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution to Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment for Women.

Considered insightful and highly creative, Tadia identifies obstacles that prevent personal transformation and offers methods to unmask the disguise that often prevents people from achieving goals and becoming their best self.

RICE CONSULTING is a Hawaii-based consulting company that can help you and your organization to:

  • Expand productivity and increase revenue
  • Improve organizational development
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Create resource allocation models and implement controls
  • Enhance services and increase throughput
  • Foster proactive management
  • Achieve transformation goals and employment equity
  • Improve work attitudes and morale

We offer 18 RICE CONSULTING Training® Programs that include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate Cultures
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empowerment For Women
  • Gender Partnership
  • Internal Motivation
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Mediation Training
  • Negotiating Effectively
  • Performance Expertise
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Personality Awareness
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Team Building

With 35 years experience in business management, international relations, and media, RICE CONSULTING holds membership in the American Society for Training and Development; Speakers Association of Hawaii; International Coach Federation (United Kingdom); and Institute of Management Consultants (South Africa).

We are committed to excellence in human dynamics, we foster integrity in the workplace, and guarantee results. We serve corporations, civic leaders, and business professionals. Training programs can be customized to fit individual needs. Location is private, and discretion is guaranteed. Corporate rates are determined by the following:

  • Program content & customization
  • Number of participants
  • Level of interaction (role-play, evaluation, video, audio, etc.)
  • Length of training
  • Location
  • Level of discretion required

Contact us to discuss your needs, goals, and vision. Visit our web site at www.tadiarice.com for information about our programs or email info@tadiarice.com. We will implement your criteria with efficient and effective results.

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