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THURSDAY December 19, 2019:

Alvin Wong: Happiest Man in America!

On March 5, 2011 He became the happiest person in America, according to the NY Times. He was interviewed multiple times, and found the most frequently asked question to be: What is the secret to your happiness? Read more…

THURSDAY November 21, 2019:

June Dillinger presents Are You Smart?

What matters in the grand scheme of life? June, owner of I Do Hawaiian Weddings and Making Love Visible, is happy to share why the IQ, EI and AQ are all important in discovering your LQ. Yes, LQ. Come find out more on November 21, 2019. Read more…

THURSDAY August 29th, 2019:

Jeff Owens shared with the group his experience at NSA Influence 2019. Read more…

THURSDAY JULY 25th, 2019:

Alice Inoue shared with the group on “The Secrete to All Success.” Read more…

THURSDAY June 27th, 2019:

Jamie Champagne shares with us how to “Build Social Media into Your Speaking Business (Not an After Thought!)!” Read more…

THURSDAY MAY 23rd, 2019:

Lucie Lynch & Marcia Zina Mager: Be a Rebel, Creating a Talk that Shines, Startles and Surprises!

The Dynamic Duo, Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager will “turn the traditional motivational talk on its head” with their May 23 presentation “Be A Rebel, Creating a Talk that Shines, Startles, and Surprises.” 

THURSDAY APRIL 25th, 2019:

Gwen Fujie: A Taste of Tongue Fu! Martial Arts for the Mind and Mouth

Does your mouth have a mind of its own? Tongue Fu! is the constructive alternative to giving a tongue-lashing or to be tongue-tied. It is a step-by step process for turning hostility into harmony and aggravation into aloha. Click here for more event info!

THURSDAY MARCH 28th, 2019:

Robert Cravalho: Consider the Audience

Robert says everyone will:

  • Learn how to view their presentation from a different perspective, therefore enhancing their message
  • Understand the concept that everyone looks at life through different lenses
  • Understand the ways we communicate
  • Have fun! 

Robert’s expertise is in executive leadership, administrative communication, and conflict management. Robert joined Toastmasters International in 2005 and is a Past District 49 Governor. Robert has demonstrated his ability to combine his expertise with the mastery of the spoken word and he is passionate about helping others be successful. His clients have included government agencies, corporate organizations, and charity groups. Robert is very entertaining and it will be a valuable and enjoyable meeting for everyone.


How to Increase Your Strength, Pride & Stamina
as a Mindful Sales Professional 

Presented by Holly Duckworth and Eric Szymanski 
There are good days in sales, and there are challenging days. It’s an everyday journey.  The stress of living and selling yourself as a speaker today requires us to have focus and stress reduction techniques while selling.  You have to look at your speaking business mindset and the sales process in a different way.  
In this keynote you will learn many tools available so you intentionally create more good sales days than bad. It’s a choice to be in the moment and look at life positively. To reframe the challenging days and renew.  As a result of this session, you will make a commitment to being your most empowered and confident self while selling your unique message.
Key Takeaways:
  * Identify the difference between meditation and mindfulness
  * Learn what research shows about how stress reduction increases your focus and close rate  
  * Choose one applied mindfulness technique you can use to increase the pride in what you do for a living
  * Experience applied mindfulness you can do at your desk, in your car, everywhere you go to elevate your overall sales success
  • Holly Duckworth is the C-Suite Network Advisor on Mindfulness in the Workplace, award-winning author and host of The Everyday Mindfulness Show.
  • Eric Szymanski is a sales, marketing & leadership development expert, and senior sales professional at a major media & entertainment conglomerate which is headquartered in America.