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On September 26th, Dana Land (with the help of Aunty Sylvia) and Annabel Chotzen presented on the ethics of speaking. Read More…

On August 29th, Jeff Owens shared with us his thoughts, feedback and recommendations for attending the National Speakers’ Association (NSA) annual conference call Influence. Read more…

On June 27th, Jamie Champagne presented tips and tricks for how to use social media for your speaking business. SAH members can view the presentation slides on the full review. Click here for more!

Review of Lucie Lynch & Marcia Zina Mager unique presentation on Be a Rebel, Creating a Talk that Shines, Startles and Surprises!

On May 23, the Dynamic Duo, Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager truly gave us not only a unique spin on the usual presentation, but they gave us insights to consider in every presentation that we do. Read more…

Review of Robert Cravalho’s presentation on “Consider the Audience” On March 28th, the Speakers Association of Hawaii welcomed Robert Cravalho to present to the membership and community about considering your audience.

Robert’s energetic smile and ability to really engage and seek participation from the attendees brought expertise and wisdom to even the most seasoned speakers about really considering your audience in your presentations. Read More…

Review of How to Increase Your Strength, Pride & Stamina 
as a Mindful Sales Professional
On the evening of February 11, attendees at a Speakers Association of Hawaii’s special event were treated to a superb presentation by Holly Duckworth and Eric Szymanski: How to Increase Your Strength, Pride & Stamina as a Mindful Sales Professional.

This dynamic ‘talk’­– really a highly interactive, facilitated journey into the realms of sales and mindfulness simultaneously – provided a wealth of practical advice for speakers, delivered via interwoven presentation threads from a pair of polished professionals. Read more….

Review of Stand Up, Stand Out and Get Speaking Engagements
Special thanks to contributor Robert Kinslow for this article!

In January, the Speakers Association of Hawaii’s welcomed Annabel Chotzen share insights on her career as a speaker and tips and tricks to the members to grow their own career in what she called Standup, Stand out and Get Speaking Engagements.

Annabel’s style was friendly and accessible while offering valuable tools for all speakers. It’s clear why she is a popular and successful speaker. Whether you are a professional or aspiring speaker, there are several things you can do to be more effective. Her talk focused on many useful speaking tools. Read more…

Review of Makana Risser Chai’s Presentation
Special thanks to contributor Robert Kinslow for this article!

Esteemed member, Makana Risser Chai presented key strategies for considering how to make money from your speaking business.

She has been a professional speaker for more than 30 years. From this deep base, she begins telling stories, while peppering her audience with multiple ways she has made money as a public speaker. Read more…

Review of Allen Klein’s Presentation
Special thanks to contributor Robert Kinslow for this article!

In January, 2018, Allen Klein shared some of his humor and insights with SAH on tips for public speaking. He was  entertaining with a humorous flair for telling stories that reveal lessons for living. His one-of-a-kind, designed-just-for-speakers presentation, scattered 10 speaking gems that brought him several awards as a professional speaker. Read more…

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