Owens, Jeffrey B.

Tel: 1-808-674-8601 / Jeff@JeffreyOwens.com

Jeffrey B. Owens, CTM

1-808-674-8601 / Jeff@JeffreyOwens.com

Jeffrey B. Owens

Jeffrey B. Owens is an exciting and dynamic speaker who engages his audiences with sincerity, humor, and real-world experience as he helps people and organizations to become more effective and achieve greater success.  Jeff doesn’t just recite principles or theories; he draws on his personal experience of over 30 years as a law enforcement officer, business executive & owner, trainer and platform speaker.

Growing up in Hawaii’s multi-cultural environment gifted Jeff with the ability to develop rapport with the diverse audiences he presents to.  Working his way up from “street cop” to the rank of Major on the Command Staff of the Honolulu Police Department and as one of Hawaii’s first Hostage/Crisis Negotiators he gained real-world experience in dealing with people, crisis, and leading organizations.

After retiring from the HPD he was recruited by a global corporation to lead their struggling Pacific Region operations; after accomplishing the turn-around he returned to his own successful speaking, training and consulting business. These experiences give him a keen understanding of people, leadership, and organizations,

Drawing on years of experience to illustrate his presentations, Jeff provides practical knowledge verbally illustrated with relevant, often humorous and always entertaining real-life examples.

Jeff’s real-world experience and communication skills give him unique and unmatched qualifications to provide a dynamic, entertaining, and useful presentation to your organization.

For more information, please contact Jeff at 1-808-674-8601 or by email at Jeff@JeffreyOwens.com.

Jeffrey B. Owens is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who specializes in organizational and personal effectiveness. He is a recognized expert on Targeted Violence, often seen as workplace violence, threats and stalking.  Jeff served over 30 years as a law enforcement officer, is an ATAP Certified Threat Manager.  Jeff is the founder and CEO of Transcend Inc., a Hawaii company providing training and threat management services., and the author of multiple State of Hawaii professional licensing curricula.

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