This month when we think of the independence of our country, let us remember the freedom we have to speak our truth and inspire others with our passionate words. Allow the fireworks in your presentations to be sparkling, colorful, vivid, intense, and exciting. Thrill your audiences!
At our last Speakers Association of Hawaii gathering, each person shared a pearl of wisdom. Some of these are:

* When you are offered something new and it feels uncomfortable, instead of saying “no” say “yes.” The rewards for stepping outside of your comfort zone can be great!

* Take a quiet, meditative moment before you speak. You will become more connected to your audience. Your presentations will be natural and real rather than sounding canned.

* When you are asking the meeting planner to hire you, and the hoops you need to go through seem too cumbersome and time consuming, be willing to decline the engagement. When we are willing to let go, we become more valuable to others.

* Keep asking for what you want. Many people will say “no” but eventually someone will say “yes.”
You don’t need to wait to become a speaker. Jump in, volunteer, speak for free.  On several occasions, after I gave a complimentary presentation, someone in the audience recommended me to speak for a company or convention. Those free presentations led to thousands of dollars in paid speaking engagements.
Remember how important it is to know your audience, prepare, practice, get excellent coaching, and have fun!

With warmest Aloha,

Annabel Chotzen, President