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Speakers Association of HawaiiSpeakers Association of Hawaii offers “FIND A SPEAKER,” a fee-free Speakers Bureau Resource where clients can negotiate directly with their Speaker of choice. This insures your satisfaction for:

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Whether you’re a business, association, organization, or individual having an event, training session, conference or meeting booked in Hawaii or elsewhere, you’ve come to the right place to find the best speakers!

Our SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION OF HAWAII members can deliver keynotes, breakouts, workshops, training, coaching, and facilitation at on-site or remote locations.

Speakers Association of Hawaii

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Chai, Makana Risser

Speaker Makana Risser ChaiInteractive programs featuring wisdom from Hawaiian elders combined with the latest research on stress, change, healing, and business. Increase productivity by learning skills to go “From Stressed to Best,” “Surf the Waves of Change,” discover “The Hawaiian Secret of Life,” and achieve “Life Balance – The Way of the Warrior.” Learn More

Chotzen, Annabel

Speaker Annabel ChotzenAnnabel Chotzen is an award wining motivational speaker and seminar leader who incorporates the magnificence of Hawaii in her unique and inspiring presentations. Annabel speaks with passion, humor and power. She will lift your meeting or conference to a new level of invigoration and make your event unforgettable. Learn More

Owens, Jeffrey B.

Speaker Jeffrey B. OwensJeffrey B. Owens is an exciting and dynamic speaker who engages his audiences with sincerity, humor, and real-world experience as he helps people and organizations to become more effective and achieve greater success. Learn More


Rice, Tadia

Speaker Tadia RiceAs a memorable and motivating author and performer Tadia Rice imparts the wisdom of Hawaii’s Golden Rule called the ”Aloha Spirit.” She helps audiences understand the deeper meaning and greater scope of the meaning of Aloha, and how it can empower each person to increase self-mastery and mental discipline for more effective leadership, improved organizational development, expanded proactive management, and stronger teams. Practiced for thousands of years by the earliest people of the Hawaiian Islands, the aloha spirit was the working philosophy of over a million native Hawaiians who lived sustainable lives on a few islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Learn More

Williams, Paulette

Speaker Dr. Paulette WilliamsDr. Paulette Williams, an award-winning Speaker and University Professor of Nursing, empowers both women and men to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual bliss through transformational workshops and seminars. Learn More

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