On the evening of September 26th, Dana Land and Annabel Chotzen gave a dual presentation on considering ethics in our speaking careers.

Tonight’s presentation was excited to have both Annabel and Sylvia present and share on the power of Ethics in our speaking careers.

Annabel’s supports this amazing group once again by kicking us off with our members sharing pearls of wisdom that range from truly respecting and appreciating our families, learning, keep moving forward and other positive thoughts as we ready for a fabulous presentation.

We started off with Miss Sylvia Agnes Gribble who came in upon an introduction of music and smiles as our new Aunty Sylvia.

She got us focused with her energy that Ethics and Morals can be fun.  She introduced the basic element of life – the urge to survive and that the level of your survival is based on the level of your ethics and morals.  We have the DNA to do the right thing, but we get off course.

No one can put ethics on you – you have to put them on yourself.

Ethics and morals – are a good code of conduct, an agreed upon policy that we follow for harmony that serve as a measure of acceptable behavior.

Things to consider included:

Competency – make yourself valuable on what you’re capable of doing

Trustworthiness – highly esteemed product as if you don’t have it with a friend you don’t have much


  1. Active listening – give yourself to that person while they are talking to you
  2. Acknowledgement – acknowledge what someone said
  3. Validation – when someone does good, acknowledge them

Ethics and Morals is a way to come clean with yourself.  Then Faithfulness is having an agreement and coming clean with yourself.

Temperedness – limiting yourself, self control button

In conclusion, Aunty Sylvia encouraged us to “Just do the right thing because your happiness depends on this!”

Then Annabel came on to bring us into how ethics plays into speaking.

  1. Respecting the audience, understanding who your audience is, really researching before you give your presentation, understand their authenticity
  2. Practice your presentation, always watch your words
  3. Give value – be kind and thoughtful – never make a joke at the expense of the audience
  4. Stay within your time limit
  5. Prepare your presentation way in advance – the audience knows who is not prepared – prepare and practice
  6. Avoid plagiarism – don’t use others’ materials and if you do get permission and always give credit
  7. Be yourself – tell your own stories, ask what the point in the story
  8. Speak positively about other speakers

She even reminded us to consider our challenges – find the good in opportunities.  She now uses a speakers’ contract that includes a 50% deposit as her own example of learning from prior challenges that makes you better today.

It all comes back with ethics.  People, especially here in Hawaii, will talk and find out hear the good…as well as any not so good discussion. 

We were asked to think about how we would speak (or not speak) about our thoughts on unethical situations.  This led to some engaging conversations at the end of a very engaging and informative session!

Mahalo, Jamie Champagne, SAH Secretary