Aloha Speakers,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! At our last meeting we had an outstanding presentation by the dynamic duo, Marcia and Lucie. They sang beautifully, delivered great content, and were fabulous entertainers.

Our Speakers Association of Hawaii events are truly inspiring and life changing. I am always amazed by how I take away something meaningful from each person’s presentation that enhances my work and life.

One of the things that impacted me most was when Marcia said “Audiences are impacted by authenticity which is the opposite of trying to please them. The audience can feel when you are trying too hard and it gets in the way.”

My son Devin graduated from Punahou School last week. As I listened to the commencement speeches, I enjoyed the meaningful content and vocal variety. However, most of the speeches were read and there wasn’t much story telling.

I believe we need to know what our audiences want and to be well prepared. When we are genuinely authentic, like Marcia talked about, and deliver passionate presentations with enthusiasm and conviction without relying on a script we achieve our goal of giving a great speech.

With warmest Aloha,

With warmest Aloha,

Annabel Chotzen, President