Review of How to Increase Your Strength, Pride & Stamina 
as a Mindful Sales Professional

On the evening of February 11, attendees at a Speakers Association of Hawaii’s special event were treated to a superb presentation by Holly Duckworth and Eric Szymanski: How to Increase Your Strength, Pride & Stamina as a Mindful Sales Professional.

This dynamic ‘talk’­– really a highly interactive, facilitated journey into the realms of sales and mindfulness simultaneously – provided a wealth of practical advice for speakers, delivered via interwoven presentation threads from a pair of polished professionals. Mr. Szymanksi delineated the seven critical steps of sales – meet/greet, qualify/discover, present/tell, demonstrate/show, trial close, close, and follow-up. Ms. Duckworth led us through centering and grounding exercises that synergize with these steps, enabling us to function as our best, most confident selves, during each step. Each tied their own expertise neatly to that of the other.

The two strands, while seemingly disparate, actually complemented one another well and maintained a stimulating tension throughout the presentation, holding the audience’s attention and building anticipation. Asking questions, building off the answers, and sharing first-hand experiences, the duo established rapport effectively. The presenters worked smoothly together, in tag-team fashion. Each would occasionally jump in on the other’s segment, offering apparently spontaneous, enlightening clarifications and extensions.

Ms. Duckworth and Mr. Szymanski modeled a rarely used but powerful approach of co-presentation extraordinarily well, illustrating both how and why speakers should consider employing this technique. At the end, they transitioned seamlessly from a formal presentation into a highly informative question/answer dialog.

Attendees left enriched with readily applicable sales approaches, easily used methods for centering and focusing themselves, and, in the case of most, with Ms. Duckworth’s impressive resource books. The Speakers Association of Hawaii is lucky indeed to have had this excellent presentation. Thanks to our amazing presenters, and kudos to the SAH leadership, past and present, for seizing this unique opportunity and organizing such an enlightening and thought-provoking session on such short notice.

~Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen, Ph.D. (neuroscience) hosts the weekly Likable Science Internet television show and bi-weekly Pacific Partnerships in Education on ThinkTech Hawaii. Ethan has presented for many years on a broad spectrum of topics to groups across the country, and leads STEM education programs at Pacific Resources for Education and Learning.