Alvin Wong: Happiest Man in America

Alvin Wong is a retired Hospital and Group Practice Administrator. He served over 25 years as a hospital administrator and physician recruiter in Honolulu, helped start two new hospitals on Oahu, and spent more than 15 years as administrator for two group practices with more than 20 physicians. He also owned a company that managed two radiation treatment facilities on Oahu. Now retired he consults with The Wilson Care Group.

On March 5, 2011 He became the happiest person in America, according to the NY Times. He was interviewed multiple times, and found the most frequently asked question to be: What is the secret to your happiness? 

The truth was, he had no secret.  He began his “search for happiness;” reading and speaking more about happiness as he tried to answer this question for the sake of both those who ask and his own satisfaction. During this journey he has learned many things about himself and happiness in general and enjoys sharing his newfound information with others.

One of the Gallup Polls Profile items for the theoretical happiest person in America is that you have be over 65 years old. Alvin believes that seniors hold many secrets to leading a happy life because of their life experiences. At 75 years, Alvin is still constantly learning from people, experiences, and ideas that he encounters. He firmly believes in keeping an open mind and relishes the opportunity to hear about others’ experiences and opinions while sharing his own thoughts about his happiness.

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