My lifetime book is ready for the layout and cover design! For some of you, writing and publishing your books has been easy. For me, the birth of my first book has taken much time, like the birth of my baby. I waited many years and almost missed the opportunity to have Devin. He is now eighteen, leaving for China to represent Punahou School in an entrepreneurial program, then a family trip to the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and Canyonlands National Parks and onto college at Caltech. As Devin is launched, it is a great time to launch my book.
For over twenty years, people at meetings and conventions where I have presented motivational speeches and workshops have asked for a copy of my book. They wanted to take something to remember what I had shared, the stories, the wisdom, and the practical techniques they could use to achieve more in their personal and professional lives. Speaking is one of my gifts, (playing cello is the other) but writing has been much more difficult. I found that some people enjoy writing more than speaking, and some people prefer speaking to writing.
About three years ago, Gail Honda, a former President of the Speakers Association of Hawaii, author, and writing coach, invited me and Amy Takemoto to have coaching sessions so that we could create our books. For two and a half years we met every other month. Gail had developed a strategic process for getting a good book written. We followed Gail’s guidelines as well as reading our material and giving each other feedback. Sadly, Gail passed away last Fall at a young age. We greatly miss her!
One of our Speakers Association of Hawaii members who is a prolific writer is Alice Inoue who was our guest speaker in July. Alice has written eight books! She also has weekly columns in the Star Advertiser and Midweek. Some of the things that stood out about Alice’s wonderful presentation are her vivid storytelling, her suggestion that when something seems difficult we ask how it could be worse, and her belief that opportunity is everywhere and in equal amounts for everyone.
When I asked Alice what it is like to live with world famous chef Alan Wong, she said he is lots of fun and she is impressed that Alan is always interested in learning about his field. He will watch a basic cooking show on television and think about how he can add his own ingredients and prepare a new, special dish. Alan is passionate about the culinary field.
When we are passionate speakers, we love learning from others. In the past few weeks, I attended a couple of speaker events, observing, participating and enjoying other speakers. There is always something I learn that improves my life and speaking career. After all, the speaking profession is all about enhancing people’s lives.
Like Alan Wong, keep learning, growing, be creative and innovative, try new things, always use fresh ingredients, and add spice to your presentations and life.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Speakers Association of Hawaii events.

With warmest Aloha,

Annabel Chotzen, President